Agentura Blanka Zíková LJK

Our agency specialises in seeking quality candidates for advertising and marketing communications. At the same time co-operates with the educational institute CEAAI, which engages in education in precisely this field. Thanks to our connection with the CEAAI institute you can rest assured that we will offer you candidates from the ranks of CEAAI graduates for your junior positions who obtained the best education from directors and managers of top advertising agencies and experts on the part of advertising sponsors. Alternatively, our tried and tested candidates, who are already practised in advertising, can offer you a wealth of experience, a serious and enthusiastic approach to working precisely for your agency.

We co-operate with leading advertising and media agencies and sponsors, primarily in Prague, but our sphere of operation also extends abroad.

In 2006 we established the following overseas co-operation:

  • Advertising agency in Lithuania – Domino BBDO – Riga
  • Advertising agency in United Arab Emirates – Wunderman – Qatar
  • Advertising agency in United Arab Emirates – Batespangulf – Abu Dhabi
  • In 2009 we have established co-operation with the British advertising agency BMB Agency in London
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